Jay's Computers 8 Website.

Recently, my class and I went on a field trip to go to one of the most popular places in all of vancouver. We went to Granville! At Granville, there was so much to do and explore. There really was no bland moment there. We went there to practice our photo taking skills. We learned how to take pictures using techniques like the rule of thirds, leading lines, colourful pictures and framing. These all helped us take plenty of wonderful pictures over at Granville. When we were at Granville, we were free to go on our own to look for pictures. We were in groups of 4 and most of us just walked around endlessly taking pictures.

When we're not going on fun field trips like Granville, we're doing other fun stuff at our class. We've made isometric art, vectored some images and made nice silhouettes like these! There is so much to say about Granville, so if you want to know more, click this link for further information.

We have also done quite a few other projects. Such as making calendars! These required a Common program called Microsoft word. We used this program to create the grid, colour the grid spots, and to add images. We first had to create a grid. Then we enlarged it and added text to it. We then added images and added colour. Then just finalize it and you're done! The calanders looked like this. Click to view images

These projects really tested my creativity with the calanders. I've never really been a creative person so this one was quite hard when picking colours. I needed a more subtle colour scheme. I somehow came up with the scheme of more mono-ish colours with a touch of main colours and a secondary colour. I really quite enjoyed this project as it gave me a chance to work on my creativity. As i said before, i'm not the most creative person out there. This really helped me quite a bit.

Another big project that we had was the isometric grid art. We had to make a grid as a base and create an image using that grid. It was more difficult when coming up with how to put them together but for me, creating the actual images weren't all that hard to do. Here are what my buildings looked like "images"